End-Use Parts

Reduce Time-to-Market With High Speed Extrusion

To get a product to market, it can take months to design, prototype, iterate, manufacture, and ship, even with the best suppliers on the planet. When traditional manufacturing falls short, the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printing Platform can bridge the gap. More than just a prototyping tool, Essentium’s powerhouse 3D printers can print end-use parts with complex geometries to ensure that manufacturers get to market ahead of the competition.


Essentium 3D Printed Mask 2

Make Material Changes Without Extending Lead Time

Using the HSE 3D Printing Platform, material changes can be executed quickly and without tool changes, allowing manufacturers to get parts to market faster and cheaper. 

Impact Supply Chain at Scale

The HSE 3D Printing Platform gives manufacturers the agility to design, prototype, produce, and distribute end-use parts in a matter of weeks. 

Essentium part

Experience Best-in-Class Repeatability

Desktop printers cause part-to-part variation issues that render them useless in end-use applications. The HSE 3D Printing Platform has all linear servo motors and log files, allowing users to have a statistically relevant manufacturing capacity. 

END-USE Applications

Essentium 3D Printed Mask 3


With a fleet of 10 Essentium HSE 180•ST 3D Printers,
Essentium produced more than 25,000 masks in 90 days.

Recommended Materials

Essentium ABS MG94

Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS designed for high speed prints with excellent surface finish and balanced mechanical properties.

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Essentium 9085

Essentium 9085 is a high-performance polyetherimide blend made with SABIC ULTEM™ 9085 resin. Essentium 9085 has excellent long term
temperature performance and toughness.

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Essentium Printers


The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer is the first industrial 3D printer equipped with true independent dual extruders, giving users the ability to print double the components in half the time.

Essentium Printers


At five-15x faster than the competition, HSE 180 3D Printing Platform is ideal for iterating and producing surface mount technology components to keep up with the pace of production. 


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